Our Services

Terrain believes in developing strong, long lasting relationships with our clients and is committed to helping them effectively position themselves in the Australian market and then achieve their fundraising objectives. We aim to add value from strategic planning, during market positioning, into the fundraising phase through to fund market intelligence and communication.

Strategic Review, Planning & Advice

Prior to our clients engaging with the Australian Institutional Market, Terrain assists them to prepare for market entry, including agreeing on the best strategy through which to make contact.

Direct Marketing

Terrain places great importance on preparing our clients for any marketing trip. We believe that they should have a solid understanding of who they are meeting with, an effective and comprehensive schedule as well as being well briefed upon completion.

Client & Investor Communications & Feedback

Terrain believes that clear communication and timely feedback are vital in developing an Australian market presence.  Through honest and timely feedback from investors and advisors our clients are able to qualify those that are truly engaged, identify any issues that need to be addressed, identify new opportunities as investment preferences change and respond to the Australian market in a timely, efficient and effective way.

We manage our communication with investors and advisors on two fronts:

  1. we communicate directly with them about our clients as mutually agreed during the marketing process; &
  2. periodically meet with them on an informal basis to ensure that we understand their broader investment needs and perspectives.

In all cases, when we discover anything that is of interest or importance to our clients we communicate back all appropriate intelligence to them in a timely manner.