Our Market

The Australian Institutional Market is one of sophistication and integrity. With over A$2.9 trillion under management (31 December 2019, APRA) and already the 3rd largest global pool of pension funds, it is forecast to double in size during the next 5 years from compulsory salary contributions (currently 9.5%).

It is essential that international fund managers understand the following key influences on Australian market:

  • Asset Consultants have significant involvement in their clients’ selection of investment strategies and managers;
  • Investors take time to build relationships with new managers of interest & want access to key investment team decision-makers;
  • Focus on Costs leads to downward pressure on fees driven by regulatory change & competition;
  • Alignment of Interest with managers; &
  • Peer Group Risk.

In order to successfully position and fund raise in Australia, it is critical to understand:

  • who really is the key influencer in the investment decision making process for each fund?
  • the strategies and structures that investors prefer?